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What crystals are good for what? What crystal is the most powerful?
What crystals should I start with? How to use these crystals? Do I have to clear them, if so how?
People frequently consider the following questions when looking to purchase crystals for meditation, spiritual reasons, or even for home decor. 
Crystals each have a unique vibration/frequency that is encoded with their  healing properties for the mind, body, and soul.
They can enhance the flow of positive energy, protect from and aid in removing destructive energies from the body and psyche, resulting in physical and emotional benefits.

How do crystals work?

Crystals effect us based on what is called entrainment. 

Definition of Entrainment:

"Technically, entrainment in physics refers to the frequency locking of two oscillating bodies, i.e., bodies that can move in stable periodic or rhythmic cycles. They have different frequencies or movement periods when moving independently, but when interacting they assume a common period."

How this relates to the human : crystal relationship

We are vibrational beings. Every cell in our bodies is vibrating at a certain frequency. The same goes for crystals! 

A crystal's frequency depends on its chemical composition.

Depending on that frequency, our bodies (energetic and physical) will attempt to match the frequency of the crystal's thus having an effect on us. These effects vary depending on our particular frequency combined with that of the crystal being used. Effects range from soothing to energizing. Allowing us to zen out or tune in. Block negative energies and promote positivity. There is no limit to how crystals can affect us.

Crystals are used for balancing Chakras, healing on all levels, facilitating trauma recovery, pain relief, and many many other things.

Over the centuries, students of crystals have been able to meditate with the crystals, allowing the crystals to teach us. 

Which crystal is best for me?
It is important to note that crystals will be experienced differently by everyone.
As mentioned above, your present vibrational frequency combined with that of your chosen crystal will determine the outcome. 
Allow your intuition to draw you. Feel what you are pulled towards and then if you are in a physical store, pick the crystal up in your hand and feel the energy. 
If you are shopping online, gaze softly at the image shown and try to intuit it's energy. 
Reading through this guide may help you in your decision process. 
If you are still unsure, we offer a Crystal Starter Pack that includes our five fave crystal essentials: Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, and Labradorite.
Best Crystal for you | Amazonite Sphere


Amazonite is a silicate that is generally light green in color, although there is also opaque green, blue-green, yellow-green, and turquoise blue Amazonite stones.

Properties : Also known as the “gambler’s stone” this beauty brings about good luck and fortune to non-gamblers as well. It will also aid in communication, allowing you to more easily speak your truth. It has a soothing energy. It has the ability to balance masculine/ feminine energies as well as seeing  different sides of things in a balanced and clear manner. It promotes universal love and understanding. Also protects from EMF and microwave radiation. 

Country of Origin: USA, Brazil, Russia and Madagascar (Although named for the Amazon River none has been found there). 

Chakra: Heart & Throat

Zodiac: Virgo


Best Crystal For you | Amethyst | Chakra


Properties: Cleansing, protecting, enlightening we call Amethyst the Swiss Army knife of crystals. It enhances your intuition- opening your 3rd eye. It was named after the Greek word Amethystos which means sobriety as it has been known to help the wearer from becoming too intoxicated. 

Helps with insomnia, anxiety and physical pain (great for headaches) 

Country of Origin: Brazil, Uruguay, South Korea, Russia, United States, and South India, and  Zambia.


Best Crystal For you | Lepidolite | Chakra


Properties: Containing a high level of Lithium, it is known for its mood stabilizing energies. Perfect stone for assisting moving past and healing from trauma.

It softens anxiety and opens the heart. Great for connecting with the divine / higher vibrational realms. It also blocks and clears electromagnetic pollution. 

This stone's ultra-calming vibrations make it such a potent gemstone for promoting sleep and relaxation.

Country of Origin: Madagascar 

Chakra: Crown, 3rd Eye & Heart

Zodiac Sign: Libra


Best Crystal for you | Malachite | Deep green


Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral that is green in color. It has a silky sheen and is part of the monolithic crystal structure.

PROPERTIES:  It blocks the holder from EMF and radioactive 5G rays as well as protection from psychic attack or drain

Malachite is a JOYFUL stone that helps letting go of trauma and emotional pain, allowing & supporting personal growth.

Helps you recognize and tap into your personal power.

Country of Origin: Congo, Namibia, Russia, Mexico, Australia, England and the USA

Chakra: Heart 

Astrological Sign: Capricorn


Best Crystal for you | Rose Quartz


Properties: Rose Quartz works with the heart chakra opening the holder to new levels of universal, romantic and self-love. It is also said to enhance one’s physical beauty & attractiveness. 

Country of Origin: Brazil, Namibia, India, 

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac Sign: Taurus Scorpio