Full (Super) Moon Eclipse in Scorpio + Energetic Shifts

people gathering to view lunar eclipse


Here in NY at 12:14am on Monday 

we will be greeted by a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio.

Full Moons are a time for RELEASING for letting goooo. 

This full moon’s energy is even more amplified as it is a Supermoon -like a full moon on steroids.

 Here is an excerpt from the Moonology Diary, by Yasmin Boland

"let go of all the ****; let go of whatever
upset and angst you're holding on to; let go of resentment
and fear; let go of anyone or anything you're clinging on to
for dear life. Release the number-one thing you're scared to
release. Not just because 'If you let it go and it comes back,
it's yours - and if it doesn't, it probably never was,
as the
old saying goes; but also because, every now and then, we
have to look at where we've developed a toxic attachment
or fear and we need to work through it.
One thing you'll start to learn as you move along the
spiritual path is that fear only has the power we give it. This
Full Moon is brilliant for giving us space to process our fears." 



    clear quartz cluster


    • My best suggestion is to meditate on where you feel blocked and what is possibly holding you back. Then, as the Moonology book suggests, feel into what you are resisting most and focus on releasing that. 
    • You can write it down on paper and (safely) burn the paper
    • Hold the thought of what you want to release in your mind's eye and imagine it dissolving or imagine you are putting it into a bubble of light and releasing it up into space.
    • Crystals for Full Moon Releasing: Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Selenite, Black Obsidian

    Remember the power of your intentions are STRONG. Simply making the CHOICE to release will allow the process to begin. 

    No fancy accessories needed! 


    Happy Releasing! 

    woman meditating sitting on the beach in front of a full moon


    More on the current energies:

    If you are anything like me and most of the people I've spoken to lately, this month has been a doozy! 

    Yes, there have been physical things like flu/virus surges, allergies from the change of the seasons, etc for sure but here is my take on the spiritual / energetic goings-on.


    Timeline: end of April leading up to middle of May 2022

    1. The week of April 18th, there were "significant solar flares" (read more about them here https://blogs.nasa.gov/solarcycle25/2022/04/ ) that had enough radioactivity to interfere with electronics, satelites, and radio signals. I believe that they also had a profound effect on us as well.  As we are vibrational beings, we are very sensitive to these shifts whether we are conscious of them or not. Some physical symptoms are headache, brain fog, irritability, short temper, body aches, fatigue, and or difficulty sleeping      

    2.  Later in that same week, I did an Instagram Live Collective Reading.The images I saw and relayed were those of FIRE & REGENERATION.

    One of the definitions I found for regeneration is "the act or process of coming back, growing anew, or a spiritual rebirth" 

    One of my very "tapped in" friends, ( I call them members of my High Vibe Tribe) had been sensing Dragon imagery and it all seemed to line up and track. What my take on this was that this fiery energy was burning old patterns, things that no longer serve us, some of the extra density of our physical bodies, etc... This burning was an alchemy that allowed for a regeneration.  A spiritual rebirth.

    The day after that reading I woke up with my first fever in many years. The burning was manifesting itself in physical form. While I was down and out for several days to follow, I had a deep knowing that this was happening FOR me and not TO me. My body was “burning” away old stuff that no longer serves me allowing for an energetic rebirth of sorts.

    Another one High Vibe Tribe peoples sent me a video in which someone was explaining that this time on this planet, our human bodies are transforming from Carbon to Crystalline to prepare us for the natural evolution of our expanding from 3D to 5D consciousness. 

    This all started to click in and resonate. 

    This timing is pretty incredible as we now are leading up to this full Moon,  isn’t it?

    What do you think? Were you sensing any of this too? All of it?

    Connect with me on Instagram, send me a DM, and let's chat about it! 

     Love & Blessings,

    Alyse Faith Shyne