Rainbow Amethyst Cut Base (a)

Rainbow Amethyst Cut Base (a)

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Chakra: Crown and Third-Eye

What is Amethyst?
Amethyst is a stone of serenity and tranquility.

Try meditating with the stone to relieve nervous energy and anxiety.

Its one-of-a-kind vibration focuses and balances emotions and ideas. It alleviates fear while encouraging optimism and joy. It brings the soul to increased self-awareness and access to knowledge and insight by stilling the mind.

It not only brings harmony and balance, but it also protects us from our shadow selves and the passions of wrath and powerful emotions. By focusing on the inner self, one might identify the underlying causes of lousy conduct and poisonous cycles in one's life.

Uses and/or Benefits:

  • Amethyst reduces stress and strain, calms impatience, regulates mood swings, and dispels wrath, rage, fear, and anxiety.
  • The healing and cleansing qualities of this beautiful stone are unsurpassed. It accomplishes this by awakening intuition and enhancing a person's psychic abilities.
  • In addition to protection from spiritual assault, the Amethyst crystal protects from external causes such as people.
  • In the presence of this stone, you may expect to get plenty of sleep at night. It also aids in recalling and comprehending dreams, as well as enhancing the quality of sleep.