Selenite Triple Moon Goddess Bowl

Selenite Triple Moon Goddess Bowl

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A Selenite Triple Moon Bowl is the perfect solution to ensure your crystal are consistently cleansed and charged providing you a pure flow. Easy to incorporate with any decor and make an excellent addition to any sacred space or alter. Even without placing your crystal on the charging plate, your selenite plate will be at work removing any negativity and transmuting it within the space it is placed.

Each Bowl is Approximately (give or take on each individual piece):
8.38" L x 2.75" W x 1" H

Selenite (cleansing, insight, positivity)- carries a high vibration and is an a very calming stone. It promotes clarity and positivity, it unblocks and transmutes any negative energy in it’s vicinity. It also recharges any crystals placed on it. It is excellent in stabilizing and balancing the emotional body, cleansing your aura and aid in opening all chakras. Works to instill deep peace, enhance meditation and spiritual work. It assists judgement and insight by clearing confusion and aiding in seeing the deeper picture.

Chakras: Third Eye & Crown

Listing is for ONE (1) individual bowl

All Measurements are approximate and subject to vary from each piece.

Selenite though highly powerful and soothing in vibration it is a soft stone. It is water soluble, please keep away from water. As with all natural minerals it may include naturally occurring imperfections (imperfections include different shades of white, mineral deposits and/ or varying line structure), none of which impact the integrity of the stone or the vibrational frequency.

Although we reference these as bowls they are not for food consumption.

**Your crystal(s) will be cleansed and purified so that it will only have your energy when you receive it! **

Crystals may vary from photo as multiples pieces are available however one crystal bowl of this style will be chosen and sent intuitively.