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Noble Shungite (Silver) XL Raw

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Silver Shungite, also called Noble is from 94% to 98% of carbon much higher than the regular Shungite which only contains about 30% carbon. It was excavated near Shunga Village in Karelia where in the name of Shanghai comes from.

Silver Shungite is lustrous and shiny, it almost looks metallic. It also has a higher fullerene content. It is the fact that Shungite contains fullerene molecules that makes the stone unique and different from any other mineral. 


Fullerenes are found in very small quantities in nature, usually formed by lightning charges. How they came to be present in the Shungate mineral remains a mystery. Shungate is the only mineral known to contain fullerenes.


these are the highest possible quality of shanghaied and perfect to be used in water to both alkalize and purify your drinking water.


each piece is approximately 39 grams and 2”x”2”x1”


As this is a natural product size and weight will vary slightly.