Raw Azurite (Z) - The Healing Collective NY
Raw Azurite (Z) - The Healing Collective NY
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Raw Azurite (Z)

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Stone of Heaven

What is Azurite?

Azurite is a soft stone that gets its name from its rich blue hue. It's a copper carbonate mineral that forms masses, nodules, tabular or prismatic crystals in the higher oxidized sections of copper ore, sometimes with a vitreous sheen. The saturated hue varies from brilliant to deep blue, including indigo tints, and may feature light blue streaks.

Azurite is typically found in nature in combination with Malachite, a brilliant green copper carbonate mineral. They resemble Mother Earth when polished and convey their unique qualities and a potent mix of healing energies.

Elemental Energy: Water
Chakra: Third-Eye and Throat
Talisman: Guardian Builder combined with the Earth Power

Uses and/or Benefits:

  • Azurite calms the mind, releasing tension and uncertainty while also reducing anxiety, hesitation, and ideas that linger in the back of the mind.¬†
  • The energy of azurite is used as a pendulum and in radionic studies. Psychics, mediums, channels, and other Lightworkers can improve their accuracy and impartiality in readings.
  • Azurite strengthens long-term career objectives, especially in large or highly organized businesses, and is an excellent crystal for tests, interviews, presentations, or negotiations.
  • It is an excellent crystal for maintaining independence, mental alertness, and physical health in older persons who live alone or in protected housing.
  • It purifies and strengthens the emotional body, relieving tension and concern while also assisting in the healing of loss and despair. It instills a healing light in mind, allowing it to pervade thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.


  • For Meditation - Sit quietly on the ground with a crystal in each hand for a few minutes to understand and respect the earth as a living creature on which we are entirely reliant.
  • Water energy is typically connected with a home's or room's north side. Its flowing energy ensures a balance of energy as your life expands and flows, and it is connected with the Career and Life Path region.

Weight: 919 grams 


Weight: 459 grams 


4.5 inches in width

3.25 inches in Height